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Preventive care that makes sense.

Afiya creates personalized, data-driven plans for a longer, healthier life. Trusted biometric measures inform game-changing strategies to improve your overall health and wellness. Afiya will empower you to feel your best – and start living.

Plans start at $250 per month. Schedule your FREE intake call with a longevity specialist near you.

Get Ahead of Aging

A technology-first approach to better wellness and healthy, functional longevity.

Afiya uses data to understand biological age, improve performance, and track progress. At-home diagnostics determine biological age, as well as VO2 max, cognitive functioning, and other crucial data points, to steer your health towards optimal levels. Then, Afiya’s user-friendly portal provides personalized health reminders, keeping you on track to a longer, healthier life.

Clear data-driven insights

Get expert guidance based on at home diagnostics for biomarker tracking, digital healthcare interactions, and up to date information on emerging therapies.

Every result in one place

Your personal dashboard is the control center for your health. Easily access your data, review your recommendations, and see your results.

No more pseudoscience

Living longer and healthier shouldn’t be confusing. Afiya simplifies critical health data and gives you accurate and understandable information to live your best life.

The end of “sick care”

Afiya focuses on detection and protection, because you shouldn’t wait until you’re sick to get better.

Our Team

Founder / CEO

Zeshaan Maan, MD, MRCS, MSc

Zeshaan is completing his training in Plastic Surgery at Stanford University. His postdoctoral research focused on stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, with a focus on aging and diabetes. He has been awarded multiple grants to support his research, resulting in numerous awards and publication of more than 100 scientific papers.

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Understand your biological age and general wellness today. Get data-driven recommendations for a healthier tomorrow. Sign up today and opt into membership for $250/month. Your health will thank you.

Step 1: Know your status

Tell us about yourself in our short survey. Then, we’ll send you at-home testing to determine your biological age, overall health, and functional status.

Step 2: Track your results

We integrate your wearable data and provide evidence-based recommendations centered around diet, exercise, sleep, supplementation and emerging therapies.

Step 3: Refine your plan

Simply follow our advice and test again at home in a few months. Your results help us refine your plan and improve our process for every Afiya user.

Have Questions?

We've got answers - learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

+ How can Afiya help me now and in the future?

Afiya can help you now by establishing a baseline for your biological age and overall wellness. From there, we can give you evidence-based recommendations to improve your health and functional status. By measuring your progress over time, we can help you optimize your body’s potential for a longer, healthier life.

+ I’m not old – can Afiya still help me?

It’s never too early to start getting serious about your health. While physical decline is characteristic of people aged 50 and older, some of us experience metabolic decline as early as our 20s. Afiya can assess your health now and give you data-driven advice to optimize your health at every age.

+ What’s the difference between biological age and chronological age?

Your chronological age is basically how long you’ve been alive. Your biological age reflects how much your body has aged in that time, based on several factors like diet, exercise, sleep habits, and numerous biomarkers.

+ What are biomarkers?

Biomarkers are characteristics of your body that can be measured. They can be as common as heart rate and blood pressure, or more complex indicators studied through lab tests on blood or tissues.

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